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Welcome to the Make Up Your Mind BlogSpot. This is an online community created for women facing the challenge of finding balance between daily living and spending time with God. This blog was created as a place, an environment where we as woman could go and share our ideas, thoughts, struggles, triumphs and testimonies about what we do to keep ourselves connected to Christ. It is my prayer that this space becomes a literary sanctuary for woman of God to go and be candid and open about the issues we face with juggling motherhood, being a wife, climbing the corporate latter, being a student or working in fulltime ministry all without letting our relationship with Christ suffer and attempting to keeping Him at the forefront of our lives.

Joshua J. Marine once said”Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.” By sharing our stories, scriptures, words of wisdom and readings that keep us in connection to God; it is my hope that we will be  transformed through the renewing of our mind. To unite in sisterhood and face the obstacles that causes us to put our relationship with God on the back burner. Together we will uplift and support one another without judgment or criticism on this journey of positioning Christ in his rightful place of being first in our lives. Resulting in our everlasting testimony being that we are women devoted to devotion.


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